• Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center

    Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center

    When walking through the doors of Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center (HHCAC) you immediately feel a sense of hope and relief. The child friendly atmosphere with a welcoming 11-person staff reassures whoever enters that healing is found here. Serving over 500 children in 2018, HHCAC continues to fulfill their mission of responding to child abuse and neglect with a supportive team approach that reduces trauma through advocacy, treatment, education and prevention.
    Making the child the center and primary focus of the recovery process is a priority at Healing Hearts. One unique way this is accomplished is by giving each child the opportunity to visit the “Button Room” after their interview at HHCAC. The “Button Room” is a special place where the child can choose their own button, make a wish and place it in the wishing machine – helping the child realize that other children have stood where they are standing, they have told their story too, and they are not alone.
    Together, the staff of HHCAC, their partner agencies and you are helping to give a voice to the bravest children in DeSoto and Tate Counties. For more information on how you can get involved, upcoming events, to schedule a training, or to set up a tour, visit HHCAC’s website at www.healingheartscac.org or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HealingHeartsCAC.

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