• Kelso


    Kelso is a salon here in town that offers the small town feel along with a little taste of New York. Adrienne Kelso knew she wanted to be a hair stylist when she experienced her very first styling session! She was trained in New York under Koby Ben with Alibi NYC salon. Adrienne had the dream of starting her own store because she wanted to make people feel at peace and provide a place of comfort for her clients. “It’s not just about the hair, it’s about giving my clients a great and relaxing experience. I want people to feel at peace when they come here. We give head massages and hand massages during our sessions just to relax our clients.” When asked why Kelso was placed in Hernando, Adrienne said “We love Hernando because of the small town feel and we love the way the businesses in Hernando support each other.”

    Fun Facts about the owner: Adrienne loves space astronomy. She has two large telescopes that she uses to see space. She also loves to hunt and was a paramedic before she started cutting hair!