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    * Must have a Class A or B CDL valid for the state in which the position works. Requires a clean driving record.
    * Must be at least 21 years of age or older
    * Understand refuse collection policies, procedures, guidelines and practices; understanding of Department of Transportation and State requirements for operators of commercial motor vehicles.
    * Hear in the normal audio range with or without correction
    * See in the normal visual range with or without correction
    * Exhibit normal range of body motion
    * Drive a front-end, side, rear-end, or roll off loading refuse truck, including right-hand driver's position on certain equipment, observing legal and defensive driving practices.
    * Manipulate heavy equipment control levers
    * Follow a designated refuse collection route or work schedule; Understand and carry out oral and written instructions; Maintain written records and service responses.
    * Must be able to speak and read English well enough to communicate with customers, co-workers, dispatch and super visors, understand highway and traffic signals, and be able to make legible entries on paperwork.

    Essential Job Functions:

    1. Safely drives truck on pre-established route in accordance with Decision Driving principles within prescribed time. Collects and dumps garbage and refuse into refuse trucks while covering a designated route in a residential zone. Unloads refuse trucks at the landfill, transfer station, or similar facility.
    2. Provides Distinguishable Different level of service through courteous and expeditious customer service in all aspects of refuse operation to the general public and customers. Exhibits a positive attitude towards company, customer and municipal goals.
    3. Ensures garbage and recyclables at residences are picked up and transferred properly; pick up may require using back door. Tags improper refuse containers and waste;
    4. Performs Daily Pre and Post Trip inspections as set forth by Waste Pro procedures and D.O.T. guidelines. Completes Safety Lane activity and DVIR daily in accordance with Waste Pro safety lane guidelines. Includes inspection under hood, check under carriage, check fluid levels and air tires.
    5. Maintains clean truck and washes exterior weekly. Inspect/Clean Truck: Lift hood, inspect under the hood, walk around and check under carriage; pump gas, check fluid levels and air tires - Uses air gauge, dipstick for levels, and gas pump nozzle for gas fill.
    6. Performs a variety of manual duties in the clean-up of scattered refuse; moves and empties large trash bins using truck hydraulics;
    7. Prepares, maintains, and submits required company and regulation-mandated reports and documents;
    8. Responsible for all persons working on vehicle during the designated route.
    9. Must comply with all Department of Transportation and State requirements for operators of commercial motor vehicles.
    10. May be required to work during emergency situations

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